Baster Kitchens Legnica

Baster Kitchens Legnica is a family company offering professional advice and kitchen design.

We are representatives of the Atlas Kitchens and Nolte Kuchen brands, and our approach to customers is based on an individual approach.

We have many years of experience in the industry and we always try to meet customer requirements without any compromises. We have implemented many projects for individual clients and developers, e.g. Kamienica Wilcza 19 in Warsaw and Młyn Maria in Wrocław.

We cordially invite you to our kitchen furniture studio in Legnica.

Rafał i Michał Banachowie

Our partners

kuchnie legnica

Nolte Küchen is a company that has been making our apartments and houses more beautiful since 1958. 50 years of experience make us specialists in the production of premium kitchen furniture. Nolte Legnica kitchens are characterized by maximum precision of workmanship. In the production of our kitchen furniture, we use a modern and fully automated factory, thanks to which every detail of our kitchens is 100% refined.

Atlas Kuchnie - Meble Kuchenne

Atlas Kitchens is not only a manufacturer, but also your guide to the world of kitchen furniture. Among 900 units, including lower, upper, shoulder, medium, overhead cabinets and cabinets for building household appliances, as well as 40 models of fronts, available in over 200 colors and 5 types of finishes, we will help you choose those that will create a unique atmosphere of the center of your home – kitchen .

Kitchen Furniture - Selected Projects


Meble Kuchenne Legnica

Modern Kitchen Furniture

The modernity of the kitchen is primarily its functionality, but also its avant-garde form. These are bold color combinations, non-standard combination of materials. Contemporary solutions reconcile simplicity with sophistication. As in a perfect work, the content does not conflict with the form, one follows from the other. The use of the latest technologies does not eliminate the atmosphere proper for the kitchen.

Meble Kuchenne wrocław

Classic Kitchen Furniture

Classic kitchens refer to tradition, but they are also subject to evolution and more and more often modern elements penetrate them. Classic shapes are more and more often combined with colors or elements that have not been present in this style so far. Instead of dark browns of solid wood, white or other colors appear. Such a synthesis is a perfect place for intergenerational meetings.